How can shops and contractors be sustainable?

[gravata]Contractors can and should incorporate sustainability into their everyday life, contributing to society and getting recognition.[/gravata]

Camile S. Machado

Camile S. Machado, Sustainability Specialist – “Be attentive to the behavior of suppliers and characteristics of the products they sell or use”.

Sustainability now plays a prominent role in corporate strategy. But what can specialized stores and contractors do in this area?

Today, the most accepted definition for sustainable development is development that can meet the needs of the present generation without compromising the ability to meet the needs of future generations. That is, development that doesn’t imply exhaustion of resources. To do this, companies and professionals must adapt and focus efforts on some key points. Among them, we highlight some trends:

  • Seek business growth with a greater focus on quality than quantity. In other words, improve what you do without consuming more resources.
  • Don’t just look at your company, but stay tuned to the behavior of your suppliers and the characteristics of the products you sell or use. For example, compressors with greater energy efficiency.
  • Provide opportunities for employees to know more about sustainability, to advise customers on best practices.
  • Keep environmental documentation in order, in the case of companies. Without it, your store or workshop can be closed, affecting your reputation.
  • Support the integration of women in the economy. Having female employees in the store or in the workshop can be an important differential, since women customers tend to identify with them.
  • Seek the benefits from customer and supplier collaborations, who can contribute with opinions and suggestions to improve your business and eliminate unnecessary expenses.

Another issue that deserves strong emphasis is eco-efficiency, which pursues balance between the best performance with the lowest environmental impact. In the Club’s website, you’ll find tips to do this considering four aspects: Energy, Water, Waste and Consumption.

Finally, don’t forget to promote sustainable practices that you adopt. It’s good for your image and influences others to follow suit.



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