Embraco presents new highly efficient variable speed compressor running on R290

Embraco, a global provider of refrigeration technology for the complete domestic and commercial cold chain and part of Nidec Global Appliance, is launching in December the VEMT404U, an extension of its variable speed compressors portfolio. The new solution adds to the VEM platform the feature of running on natural refrigerant R290. It is suitable for applications such as merchandisers and food service refrigeration equipment, including bottle coolers and under counters.

Using its deep know-how in the combination of variable speed and natural refrigerant technologies, Embraco’s research and development team created a compressor that is the most energy efficient in its range of applications, being up to 18% more efficient than competitors’ equivalent models. It has a COP of 1.92 in 3000 RPM, at ASHRAE LBP (low back pressure) parameters.

The VEMT cooling capacity reaches 4cc equivalent displacement, with an extremely reliable start, even in low voltage situations. It has the feature of static and forced air in just one inverter model (just one SKU), allowing flexibility in applications for refrigeration equipment manufacturers. The inverter is compatible with Embraco’s Smart Drop In control logic, which allows the variable speed compressor to be connected directly to a conventional thermostat, the same of fixed speed ones, without the need for an additional control unit.

For the end users, such as restaurants and other establishments, the main benefits are energy savings, very low noise (thanks to variable speed technology), reliability in any voltage and robustness, which is crucial in professional kitchen’s environments, where there is the constant  opening and closing of doors and high ambient temperatures.

This new Embraco compressor is a global solution, created to attend all market regions worldwide. The first regions where the product is going to be marketed during the launch phase will be North and Latin America.

VEMT404U features

  • Suitable for both LBP and MBP applications
  • It can also be applied with TXV or EEV due to high starting torque
  • Displacement 4 cc
  • COP of 1.92W/W at 3000 RPM (ASHRAE LBP)
  • Static and forced air in just one inverter model
  • Compatible with smart drop in solution

Download de model datasheet here: 220V / 115V – ASHRAE L/MBP: -40 to -10°C (Static/Fan) / -10 to 0°C (Fan)

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