With 48 years of innovation inscribed in its DNA, Embraco continues to improve the quality of life of the people all over the globe, offering refrigeration solutions for all commercial range, including food retail. This special segment is now undergoing another reinvention, shifting focus to smaller convenience stores from huge universal ones. The most important imperative for the freezing and cooling equipment is less space requirement. Embraco has been keeping pace with customer demands; understanding their needs and close cooperation with them has led the global company to a number of innovations.

Ecological, efficient, easy to install and maintain

Trendy solutions from Embraco portfolio are ideal for use in self-contained reach-ins, frozen islands, cold rooms and other applications in supermarkets and convenience stores. All of these solutions are working with natural refrigerants – hydrocarbons such as propane (R290) – which have low GWP (Global Warming Potential) index and do not contribute significantly to climate changes.

This state-of-the-art technology is not only ecological but also saves energy by means of employing variable speed compressors. Currently, FMF line-up is the most efficient solution for light commercial applications, employing Fullmotion Inverter Technology, which provides better temperature control and reduces energy consumption by up to 40 % in comparison with conventional on-off compressors. Fullmotion enables the compressor to run at a broader range of speeds – according to the needs of the system – also resulting in lower noise and vibration.

Food retail store owners are also gaining advantages linked with reduced time for installation and easy maintenance. A good example is Plug n’ Cool – a complete self-contained solution, providing a refrigeration option that accelerates the installation process by 70 % and can replace the traditional machine room.


Case study: more efficiency to the vertical reach-in application for Costan

Embraco has worked with Italian company Costan, part of Epta Group, in order to reduce energy consumption of a vertical reach-in application called Sound Top Energy. It is an example of equipment suitable for wide use in many types of stores.

The application is equipped with Embraco compressor FMFT413U, bringing benefits in terms of reduced energy consumption and lower noise. The actual energy saving is as much as 32 % in comparison with the traditional on-off technology. In financial terms, this amounts to a yearly saving of up to 590 euros.

Apart from the new compressor, a number of other changes have been applied to optimize the refrigeration system. The new appliance boasts system insulation improvement, gas charge optimization and the adjusted setting of the electronic thermostat. Natural hydrocarbon refrigerant R290a (150 grams) was used for testing.


About Embraco

Embraco is a global company that promotes quality of life through innovative cooling solutions. With seven plants, three commercial offices and one global business shared services, the company has approximately 1,200 patents granted and is present in over 80 countries showcasing technologies that advance high performance and energy efficiency. Embraco provides cooling solutions for household, commercial, such as medical, food service and retail applications, and aftermarket segments. Additional information is available at: www.embraco.com


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