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    2017 - Communication on Progress

In Focus
Embraco launches its most optimized compressor at important refrigeration fair in China

The Fullmotion X compressor, which combines value attributes for the end consumer, such as low noise, wide voltage range and refrigerator efficiency will be launched by Embraco during AWE Expo, the segment’s largest fair in China, being held from March 9-11 in Shanghai. Fullmotion X, with Inverter technology, will help mass disseminate the technology worldwide through its global white-line manufacturing customers, aimed at the household refrigeration market.


         Embraco, multinational company focused on innovation and one of the world's largest manufacturers of hermetic compressors for refrigeration, was the first to launch Fullmotion technology in the market. Since 1998, the company has invested in this technology to meet the market’s most demanding requirements. Fullmotion X is part of the variable capacity compressor line and brings modularity concepts, allowing for the solution to fit within the refrigerator’s limits and requirements.

         The new solution has an efficiency level, required in the applications, that makes it possible to use the same electrical connection as On-Off compressors, but with all the efficiency of Fullmotion technology. Fullmotion X also allows the use of R600a (isobutane), a natural refrigerant that is already a reality in India, Europe and China, and which has been used by Embraco for more than 20 years. This type of fluid is an alternative to minimize negative impacts on the environment and one of the segment’s most energy efficient options.

         Another advantage attributed to refrigerators equipped with Fullmotion X is better food preservation, since the compressor maintains a stable temperature inside the equipment, providing fresher and healthier food. This technology also brings more convenience to the consumer, as it reaches the ideal food and beverage temperature quickly as well as offering more internal space in refrigerators. Another benefit of Embraco Fullmotion Inverter, also applied to Fullmotion X, is its quality and robustness, offering a 10-year warranty on the compressor in China and Europe.