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    Transcending the future

Chlorofluorocarbons (or CFCs) are gases which were used in the refrigerator’s cooling systems. It was later discovered that the chlorine of these gases reacted with ozone in the atmosphere, causing loss of its protection against the incidence of ultraviolet rays that cause diseases such as skin cancer. With the signing of the Montreal Protocol which foresees the replacement of CFCs, gases such as propane, harmless to the ozone layer, started to be used in refrigeration systems.

Sustainability is one of our strategic pillars. We have a broad portfolio of high-efficiency products that use alternative refrigerants to CFCs (harmful to the ozone layer) such as Propane (R-290) and R-600a. Together with our customers we develop refrigeration systems that use lower impact alternatives.

Propane (R-290) is a natural refrigerant gas, which helps minimize the greenhouse effect and is harmless to the ozone layer. In addition, it also provides significant efficiency gains to the cooling system plus compressors which use propane have low noise levels.

It’s efficient: Up to 2.05 W/W @ Rating point EN12900 50Hz
It's economical: its energy consumption is 20% less compared to R404A
It’s sustainable: its impact on the ozone layer is 40% to 50% lower than R404A.

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